Floor Cleaning Services in Jacksonville, FL

Evercare Floor Cleaning Services will bring new life to your floors with our professional, high-quality service. We guarantee your satisfaction with our carpet, rug, hardwood, linoleum, and tile and grout cleaning. Floor stripping and waxing is also essential to maintain beautiful flooring.  Our team of floor cleaners uses effective methods and environmentally safe products for every job. Contact us today for more information.

Carpet and Rugs

While carpet and rugs are wonderfully comfortable for your feet, the fiber strands can easily capture dirt and grime, causing your carpets to look dingy, stained, or worn. Luckily, your carpets do not have to remain that way.

Our trained cleaning professionals can extend the life of your carpet and make it look new once again with our cleaning services and equipment. We begin with a deep vacuuming and then move on to a hot water extraction process. We use the best products for your carpet’s needs and will be able to remove stains and spots with no sticky cleaning residue left behind.

Hardwood and Linoleum

Having your hardwood and linoleum floors professionally cleaned is a great way to make dull or stained floors look bright and new and is far cheaper than re-flooring.

We use environmentally friendly products to clean dirt, dust, stains, and oil off of your floors while providing a protective finish against damage and everyday wear and tear. You can count on Evercare Floor Cleaning Services to keep your hardwood and linoleum looking their best.

Tile and Grout

Tile comes in a variety of textures and grout is porous, which means specialty equipment and cleaners are needed in order to provide the best clean possible. Evercare Floor Cleaning Services will help extend the life and restore the shine of your tile and grout.

Give our team of experts a call today at 904-772-4240 for more information about our services or to ask about your particular floor cleaning needs. We serve the entire Jacksonville, FL, area so do not hesitate to call. We look forward to working with you and your floors.